Change Management Strategy

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Fast Track Couriers
Change management strategy
• Goal A: Implement PDA/GPS
• Goal B: Implement automatic lift gate


• Automatic Lift Gate

To gain trust and
acceptance in
organisational change

The Importance of Trust
• Trust is essential to an effective team, because
it provides a sense of safety. When your team
members feel safe with each other, they feel
comfortable to open up. Take appropriate
risks, and expose vulnerabilities.
• Without trust there’s less innovation,
collaboration, creative thinking, and
productivity, and people spend their time
protecting themselves and their interests.

This is time that should
be spent helping the
group attain its goals.

Strategies for Building Trust
1. Establish and maintain integrity
It is the foundation of trust in any
organisation. Integrity must begin at the top and
then move down. This means, among other
things, keeping promises and always telling the
truth, no matter how difficult it might be. If its
people have integrity, an organisation can be

Strategies for Building Trust
2. Communicate Openly
Open communication is essential for building
trust. You need to get everyone on your team
talking to one another in an honest, meaningful
way, and you can use several strategies to
accomplish this.

Strategies for Building Trust
3. Consider all employees as equal partners
Trust is established when even the newest
rookies, a part-timer, or the lowest paid
employee feels important and part of the team.

Strategies for Building Trust
4. Focus on shared, rather than personal goals
When employees feel everyone is pulling
together to accomplish a shared vision, rather
than a series of personal agendas, trust results
This is the essence of teamwork. When a team
really works, the players trust one another.

Strategies for Building Trust
5. Don’t Place Blame
When people work together, honest mistakes
and disappointment happen, and it’s easy to
blame someone who causes these. However,
when everyone starts pointing fingers, an
unpleasant atmosphere can quickly develop.
This lowers morale, undermines trust, and is
ultimately unproductive.

Strategies for Building Trust
6. Discuss Trust Issues
If you manage an established team that has
trust issues. It’s essential to find out how these
problems originate, so that you can come up
with a strategy for overcoming them.

Activity to gain trust and acceptance





Gain Trust and

- Who do you trust?
And what is trust?
- Trust & it’s impact
on relationships,
results & retention
- Model of a
trustworthy person
- Understanding
- Managing
- Delivering on
- The Wall of Trust
- Activity – building
a trust contract

8 am – 16
pm, 1113 July

Coaching, training
(Outside conference and Trainer
room or training

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