Change Management: Necessity in Today's Business World

Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Change management is a necessary means of survival for any organization in today’s business world. Most of the time, change managements are unsuccessful because the lack of a good change leader. Therefore successful change management initiative begins with an effective leader. Without strong leadership, change management is ineffective and will never be possible. This change leader must have a strong commitment, completely supports the change management, skillful, and motivational. When implementing change management, one must select a leadership style. The four I would recommend are, supportive leadership, directive leadership, participative leadership, and achievement-oriented leadership. Each would be very beneficial in change management for Kudler Fine Food. In supportive leadership, the change leader would work with the employees to improve the heir knowledge of the new software system. The leader would continue to work with the employees until he/she feel as though the software is being used correctly and the employees no longer need their assistance. This style is most effective when skills need to be developed or learned and when the employees are motivated. In directive leadership, is an instructional type of leadership. The change leader would tell the employees what he expects from them and how to perform the expected tasks. This style is more of a commanding and giving orders. The leader would more than likely set deadlines when to completely understand parts of the new software. This style is most beneficial if the employee’s jobs are not specialized in a particular in order to avoid uncertainty. In participative leadership, it is more of a democratic style. The leader would ask for everyone’s opinion in order to reach a decision. Even though he may ask for their input, he still has the final say on the matter at hand. It also promotes team effectiveness. This style will help employees feel empowered and will also promote team cohesiveness. It...
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