Change Management Models

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Change Management Models

McKinsey 7-S Model

There are many different change management models. We will be discussing three today and choosing which is the best fit a company needing many changes. I will be discussing both the strengths and weaknesses of these

 three change management models: McKinsey 7-S Model, Lewin's Change Management Model, and Kotter's Eight Step Change Model. There are many differences to each of these models that can be seen once we discuss them further. There are also many similarities between the three models. Only one of these models can be considered as a best fit for a company needing a large amount of change. Therefore it is imperative that we have a thorough understanding of each of the three change management models presented here today.

The McKinsey 7-S Model was created by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman while they were working for McKinsey & Company, and by Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos at a meeting in 1978 (12Manage, 2007). The McKinsey 7-S model is a holistic approach to company organization, which collectively determines how the company will operate (12Manage, 2007). There are seven different factors that are a part of the model: shared values, strategy, structure, systems, style, staff, and skills, which all work collectively to form the model (12Manage, 2007). hange Management Model Mckinsey 7 S Model

The future throws sudden roadblocks within the manner in which of rising a business. One method that of counteracting this alteration is thru a group of programs that management needs. They are p3o training, company investigation schooling and alter management training. When the workplace adjustments and transitions, these courses will have management ready to manage it, and react to the natural resisting involved. Managers

Managing vary affects the employees in the sense that in the course of the implementation, the workers' attention is reduced as they conform to the change. Much of their time,...
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