Change management how to build long term sucess

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“Long-term success is based on the company’s ability to create and sustain practices and processes that enable employees to perpetually generate new ideas and to create cultures of change and innovation”.


1. Introduction (p.3)

2. The influence of quality management in the implementation change (p. 4-5)

3. The importance of the Human resources in an successful organization (p. 6-7)

4. Change, innovation and creativity (p.8-9)

5. Conclusion (p.10-11)

6.References (p.12)


Change is a primordial element in today’s unstable and uncertain business world. If we look back at the past years, we can see tremendous changes in the fluctuating growth and demand occurred due to recession, war and unemployment rate. For an organisation, change is a crucial step undertaken to implement and most importantly to get the change correctly and sustain it. It is not as simple as it may sound, many leaders and managers struggle everyday to get the right changes to the organisations, and it is a highly risky process. A sustainable change is the intervention and achievement of new ways of doing business that makes profound change in the organisation and delivers the expected outcomes. It continues to improve its process and always strive to deliver the best. In the long run, success lies in the organisation’s capacity to create and sustain practices and processes that allow employees to continuously come up with new ideas and to develop a culture of change and innovation.

There are many ways to attain long term-success for a change management but here we focus on three main points: The influence of quality management in the implementation change, the importance of the Human Resources in a successful organization and Change, Innovation and Creativity

We will see in the first part how quality management is related to change management and the outcomes out of it. Secondly, we talk about the implication of employees in generating ideas can lead to a more satisfied work experience which affects positively the change culture. And finally, we mention how innovation and creativity have an impact on Change.

1) The influence of quality management in the implementation change
The process and implementation of change can occur on different levels such as the organizational where it could be for example a strategic move in order to increase competitively. It can also happen on a unit level through the creation of special task forces or teams with specific goals that need to be fulfill. In an organization it will happen at a specific level but it will always needs to be support by the top management. The commitment of the managers is an essential part in order to create a successful politic or process in change management. Jeanne Almaraz studied how quality management and process of change are related. She explained that organizations tend to try to reach a Quality Management Paradigm, which she defined in three ways: user-based definition where the quality is focused on the customer satisfaction degree, product-based definition where the quality is focused on how well the product is developed in term of attributes and finally as manufacturing-based where there is quality when the product doesn’t need lots of reworking and the process is simple and efficient. Companies have different tools to implement change and quality managers use quality programs that are focused on different aspects of the organization.

Those programs apply change on people, tasks, technologies or the organization structure. By doing so managers will influence the company culture, which is defined by their beliefs, values and expectations. They will also have to be aware of the resistance to change from the employees. In every company change is going to meet problems because...
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