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Topics: Change management, Psychology, Stage Pages: 4 (933 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Organizational change, a vibrant force in the current scenario of rapid developments, is an in¬evitable feature of organizational life. The environment within and outside the organizations is changing at an ever-increasing pace, creating the need for faster response to the environment and eventually for deep seated transformations within the organizations themselves. Visit the link below to watch the video on Model of organizational change. Models of change

Learning outcome: 4.0 Propose effective change management methods and theories that Schultz could have used within Vodafone to ensure the supply chain transformational project overcame any barriers to be a success. (25 marks) Marking scheme

Candidates should consider both aspects of the question in terms of: 1. Overcoming barriers to change
2. How any issues can be effectively managed throughout the change process. Overcoming barriers to change: The staff at Vodafone across the different functions, territories and brand/product operations needed good strong leadership as barriers included: • Fear of the unknown

• Uncertainty
• Changing priorities and roles
• Lack of skills that fit with the changing company
• Unwillingness to change – ‘this is the way we have always done it’ mentality. Methods that Schultz could have used to overcome these barriers include: • Good clear communication – regular updates of progress • Encouraging employee feedback e.g. forums, questionnaires, suggestion schemes etc • Incorporating good ideas from staff to gain bargaining power for other key aspects that need introducing

• Cross function Project Management – defined and achievable objectives, realistic timeframes and regular monitoring and review. • Celebrating successes.
Effective Change Management methods:
A number of tools and techniques can be used to ensure the change is assessed and delivered successfully. These include but are not restricted to:
• Analysing the change...
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