change management

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Section 1
Demonstrate your understanding of the background to organisational strategic change
 discuss models of strategic change

There are a number strategic change models – such as the evolutionary model and, currently popular, the sustainability maturity model – you will need to briefly describe the main, established models, and their most common uses Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Unit 3: Strategic Change Management

 evaluate the relevance of models of strategic change to organisations in the current economy

Following on from the above point, discuss how relevant each model is in today’s business environment – dominated in the West by the continuing recession, and in the East by rapid expansion of internal demand but constraints due to the recession affecting external markets
 assess the value of using strategic intervention techniques in organisations

An “intervention”, in this context, is when a strategic change (of direction/policy) is made in order to re-align the organisation with the current business and external environments. An example of this is the strategic intervention that many organisations have been forced to make due to the exponential growth of on-line, internet sales – of products and services which until very recently were safe and profitable off-line, traditional markets. You will need to discuss why using strategic intervention techniques is necessary and what the benefit could, or should, be.

Section 2

Demonstrate your understanding of the issues relating to strategic change in an organisation
 examine the need for strategic change in an organisation

Here you will need to select a specific organisation, or type of organisation, and analyse, examine, the need for strategic change in that organisation. An example of a suitable organisation would be a major high-street retailer, or a West based manufacturer facing increasing competition, mainly on costs,

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