Change Management

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Week 3 Assignment
Briefly explain the change management initiative.

Change management initiative is a logical method of an organization transformation process—based on qualitative and quantitative information—from key stakeholders perspective. When an organization is experiencing a change process, it goes through several phases: acceptance, acclimation and commitment. From this change process, Palmer, Dunford and Akins discuss in Managing Organization Change the six different images of managing change. These images of change are director, navigator, caretaker, coach, interpreter, and nurturer. Briefly explain the importance of the Images concepts and application to the change management initiative. Change manager as director is based upon achievable outcomes from a manager’s perspective. These images provide managers with the freedom to audible and make the appropriate adjustments to strategic initiatives in order to fulfill a goal and gain results. Change manager as navigator is when external forces set the narrative for change and the manager has to maneuver through obstacles and improvise when necessary to achieve positive outcomes. Change manager as caretaker is when both external and internal forces limit a manager’s ability to produce results from known or creative efforts. A caretaker results are normally stagnant and becomes only a manager of bureaucratic ideas. Change manager as coach is when a manager orchestrates and instructs an organization strategic agenda on how to execute and produce results. Change manager as interpreter is when a manager effectively communicates key stakeholders agenda within an organization. Change manager as nurturer is when an organization is affected by external forces that severely control the outcome of a manager. Therefore, a manager comforts and supports an organization by reinforcing a positive attitude, supportive to others, and providing hope. Application Analysis

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