Change Is Good

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Change is constant in life. Yet, all my life I’ve met people who constantly resist change with all they have. So here I’m going to write from my personal believe and experience what I should be saying and already said in some cases, to these people about the inevitable- change.

Why do we do not like changes? When bigger changes are happening around us, we often kick and scream, or rant and rave, or cry and whine. Is it because we feel that we are not in control of our lives and our realities? Or maybe it is because we get so used to something that we simply fear the change. The fear of unknown is one of the greatest fears.

The problem it creates is when changes occur we can not take it, let alone making any changes by ourselves. And it leads to a lot of bigger problem. We can not accept it and we can not undo it. Life becomes difficult when everything seems different in a bad way.

Changes will happen, its only natural. We should recognize that every day brings new and different experiences to even the most pedestrian life. For example, even if you drive the exact same route to school every day, you constantly experience change in the traffic patterns, roadway, traffic lights, and weather. Change happens, whether you want it to or not.

This is why we should not fear change, we should embrace it. We wake up every day with the gift of living life in a sacred compassionate way. We have an opportunity every day to do ‘it’ again, and hopefully better and better everyday. This is when we finally understand how to be a better person on the planet. Every day we can continue to improve our thoughts, words, actions, deeds, and intentions for ourselves and others.

But it is always easier said then done. If you are like me who resisted and despised changes all your life how do you ‘change’ yourself to accept change all of a sudden? It will not be easy. There is no hard and fast way, it’s just not a habit, its almost like faith like a lifestyle. There are no...
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