Change in Transportation over Time

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Transportation can be defined as the movement of goods or people from one place to another , transportation has been in existence for more than thousands of years , the change in transportation over these years is a fact that cannot be overlooked neither can it be overemphasized, every detail in the creation or making of the first modes of movement has an immense connection to how movement is possible today and this paper will show how transportation began in the first place, the very first wheel to be created in 3500BC (Herbst), the first river boat that was used and created also in 3500BC (Mitchell), the domestication of horses in 2000BC,the first practical steam boat in1783 (Mitchell), the first airplane although it was created by the Wright Brothers on the seventeenth of December nineteen- zero- three (Mitchell), it is said in History that Leonardo Da’ Vinci had a dream of flight which he expressed in most of his paintings, although he could not construct them he had it in his visions (Mitchell). Transportation has been an important issue in this world, and it has been in existence for more than a thousand years, and this is why a look is taken at what modes of transportation were used between those days and now. It is clear that the cars used today are not the same things that were used at 2500BC, the forms of transport used in those days include horses, ships, and carriages and as time went on the use of cars came into play. The use of various forms of transport which were used in different years are to be described in details, why and when horses were used, why and when ships were used and the period of time when cars were brought into existence. The various modes of transportation namely; Land transportation, Water transportation and Air transportation are the main points to be discussed, showing the various transitions from one mode of transport to another and man`s want for more faster and quicker forms of movement. These are the major forms of transportation and although transportation by air only came into existence about a century ago it is fascinating to know that some important figures in History had ideas of flight but did not have the opportunity to be the inventors of it. Most of these modes of transport began from road transportation which started from the use of horses, horses were quicker but man invented more forms of transportation but it is clear that without the domestication of horses, the invention of cars would not have been achieved. Transportation by land is seen to be one of the earliest forms of transportation, some Archaeologists believe that the very first step towards transportation or transport made by man was between 4000-3500BC with the invention of the wheel (Herbst), but at this point man had already domesticated the horse and was already using it to help till the soil and transport the amount of goods which could be carried on the horses’ back from one location to the other, this was referred to as the animal-powered form of transport. The horse was domesticated in 2000BC and was used thousands of years before the invention of the wheel (Herbst). Animals are superior to people in speed, endurance and carrying capacity, before the industrial revolution they were used for all forms of land transport and although it seems like they have totally been forgotten they are still used in less developed parts of the world as an important mode of transport. It can be found even in developed countries but it is no longer an important form of transportation but now used as a sport or just for the fun of riding a horse, unlike thousands of years ago when it was the only form of transport, now it can be seen that the use of horses and other animals as a form of transportation has changed over time. The wheel as stated...

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