Change in Family Relationships

Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Mother Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Family relationships inevitably change over time, due to changes in individuals and how they communicate. In “Write Me Sometime”, the author, Taien Ng-Chan develops the idea that family relationships change over time, and that especially with separated families, bonds between family members can weaken when they fail to maintain contact with one another. In “Write Me Sometime”, the narrator describes her relationship with her father, and details the changes that occur when they start seeing each other less frequently.

Significant life events can negatively impact family relationships, since the family is often strained to respond to the changes brought upon by these events. Because of her parents' divorce, the narrator is only able to see her father once per week. This limitation in face-to-face contact strains their relationship. To make things worse, when the narrator turns ten, she is introduced to her “weekend sibling”: a half sister she never knew she had. Seeing the strong bond between her half sister and her father causes the narrator to become jealous of the relationship between them. At one point, the narrator is even prompted to ask her father to stop taking her out to lunch “Once I told him not to come anymore, that I had other friends and needed more time to play with them.” (Viewpoints 12, p.39). Regardless, the narrator manages to get along fine with her sister and dad, up until she leaves home for university. As the face-to-face contact declines to visits once or twice a year, her relationship with her father worsens greatly. Obviously, maintaining communication is key to keeping a healthy relationship, especially after life events such as divorce, and family members moving away from home.

Since communication is directly linked with the strength of a relationship, family members can influence the overall relationship when they change how (and how much) they communicate with one other. In the beginning, the narrator and her father have a fairly...
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