Change Essay

Topics: Change, Family, Tess Gaerthé Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Why does change happen?
Change is a transition that affects all aspects of life and will constantly continue no matter how hard we try to stop it. Change can be demonstrated through both individual growth and the realisation of what is truly important in life. As we experience life altering events, it can influence our perception towards others as we reappraise our former thoughts, attitudes change. This is illustrated in the novel Looking for Alibrandi and the poem “My Father Began as a god” by Ian Mudie. Growth is inevitable and change must happen whether it is physical or emotional. Once change happens, there are many unexpected events and experience that happens gradually. A key event in the novel Looking for Alibrandi that changes Josephine Alibrandi is her discovery of her grandmother Nonna’s past. At first Nonna is portrayed as a caring, nagging, selfish grandmother who is only worried about her, and how Josie’s behaviour will affect her reputation in the Italian community. She often interferes with Josie and Christina’s lives with her authority and is very traditional. Josie’s perspective about Nonna is reflected in her retort about Nonna’s comment about her behaviour on the beach. “if you and people like you …always worrying what other people might think.. always talking about other people.” the repetition of ‘always’ and her stereotyping of Nonna indicates her lack of understanding and her immaturity. Throughout the novel, Josie gradually finds out about Nonna’s past with Francesco and Marcus Sandford. Josie begins to understand that Nona’s life wasn’t as easy as Josie first thought that it was. Josie finds out about how hard Nonna’s early life was, with her older husband Francesco who took her away from her family, alienated her and was treated badly. “He treated (her) like one of his farm animals”. The simile reflects Josie’s empathy towards her grandmother and...
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