Change Essay

Topics: Perception, Film, Self-realization Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Change is a state of transformation which results in a fundamental shift through the way we perceive and interact with the world. “Nothing is permanent but change” was once asserted by philosopher Heraclitus; this opinion can be perceived from many different values and ideas however it strongly reinforces to the underlying fact that change is an inevitable force within society. Therefore, once change has occurred it is permanent and these are nothing we can do to modify that. The two poems ‘Prize Giving’ and ‘Glass Jar’ written by Gwen Harwood alongside the motion picture film ‘Pleasantville’ directed by Garry Ross all relate back to this quote and the key theme of loss of innocence. Thus, it is clearly evident that change is an inevitable force within society that neither positively nor negatively transpires when innocence has been manipulated. Furthermore, the film Pleasantville, directed by Ross, works as an exploration of human ethics that presents a constant conversation of whether change within humanity is either positive or negative. The film approaches this idea by exploring that change exists in all of us and somewhere within the path of our lives we start the transition from childhood innocence to an adult perspective. Ross furthers this concept from Bud’s point of view, as he once lived a very dull life always doing well at school but never invited to any social events. It is as soon as he enters the world of ‘Pleasantville’ he begins to change, he loses his innocence due to the fact he can finally appreciate that there is more to life than just studying continuously and watching ridiculous TV shows; this leads him into more opportunities, one of which, developing a new relationship. Symbols and motifs have a huge impact throughout this film and each relate back to change and loss of innocence. This is evident in the presence of rain within the film as it signals that momentous changes are about to occur; particularly in the beginning of the film,...
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