Change behavior theory

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Psychological behaviour of people
towards change

International Business

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Change Management
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Social cognitive theory

“Bandura’s social cognitive theory proposes that people are driven not by inner forces, but by external factors”. There are links between personal factors, environmental and behavior during changes. Environmental factors are the situation and environment of the behavior. Personal factors are instinct drives, traits and other individual motivational forces.

According to the theory, to improve the performance of change behavior, the participants should be well equipped with knowledge and resources in order to gain self confident and self motivation. Depending on different personal factors, there are various ways to react toward changes. The leaders should give opportunities for behavior change, constant communication, assistant and incentive discussion throughout the changing period from planning to after implementing changes. Reward and motivation methods should be used to encourage behavior change. Theory of planned behavior

It is proposed that change behavior depend on one’s intention to perform behavior. Intention is built up by personal attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control.

Attitude: beliefs and values about the outcome of certain behavior Subjective norms: beliefs about what other people think the person should do or general social pressure Perceived behavioral control: personal ability and feelings, self judgment to perform behavior

According to the theory, intention would be the most variable to predict behavior change. Thus, one should be trained, leaded, prepared and motivated before the actual change...
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