Change and Innovation

Topics: Change management, Decision making Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: May 23, 2014
Change and Innovation Paper
Jennifer Brinkley
Teri Rossman

Change and Innovation Paper
A major health care organization has decided to use electronic medical records. The employees in this organization are resistant to change, particularly changes that deal with technology. This paper will discuss strategies to manage change and innovation, why the employees are resistant to organizational change, and how human resources can play a role in managing change. Change can be a scary thing to people. It can be the unknown of what is to be expected or feeling like things will fail due to the changes. People tend to get comfortable in the way they do things, because they will already know the routine and the outcome of things. It is also easier to do things when it is routine. Fortunately there are techniques that can reduce resistance to organizational change. These can also manage change and innovation. The first strategy is education and communication. Education and communication can help reduce resistance to change by helping employees see the logic of the change effort. This technique, of course, assumes that much of the resistance lies in misinformation or poor communication (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2011). When people are told what the change is going to be and how it is going to affect them, than it helps them to better prepare themselves for the change. They also like to be educated on the new stuff. Once they see how easy it is going to be, than they will start to warm up to the idea. Another strategy is participation. Participation involves bringing those individuals directly affected by the proposed change into the decision-making process. Their participation allows these individuals to express their feelings, increase the quality of the process, and increase employees commitment to the final decision (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2011). People like to feel that they have a say in what is going to affect them. They will be more...
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