Change and Continuity over Time- Scientific Revolution

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Scientific revolution Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Change and Continuity Over Time- Scientific Revolution
In the time from the 1300s to the 1800s, ideology, scientific knowledge, and religious understanding changed from superstitious ideas to rational and factually supported theories while views of religion stayed the same. Throughout scientific history, religion has played an integral role. During ancient times, changes in weather and sicknesses were thought to be caused by the moods of the gods. In the 1300s the scientific revolution began in Europe, changing from a science ruled by illogical beliefs to knowledge with a focus of understanding the logical laws of God's creation. This scientific revolution was started by observant, brilliant minded thinkers who dropped superstition and proposed a creation that is knowable. During the Middle Ages scientific studies did not were not as prevalent as they are today. Other areas such as religion, art, and philosophy were being developed, but without the scientific knowledge to back them up. The powerful Roman Catholic Church promoted traditional dogmas based on Greek philosophy that hindered the scientific movement. This imbalance of knowledge caused much of science to give way to superstition. Up until the 1300s the gap of scientific knowledge was filled with this superstition. Through lack of scientific pursuit, superstition and pagan beliefs began to creep into the middle Ages learning. Medicine consisted more of chants, spells, and ways to draw out evil spirits than what was healthy for the patient and little was known about astronomy, physics, or anatomy. During the late 1300s, after the Church had been discredited by the Black Death, science started becoming more important. New ideas were developed, processes changed, and the culture in Europe started moving away from superstition and into the scientific processes. We typically think of the scientific revolution as a change in natural science and technology but it was really a series of changes in human...
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