Change and Continuity in Long Distance Trade

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Scientific revolution, Steam engine Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: February 21, 2014
Changes and Continuities in Long-Distance Migration
Through-out the period of 1700 to 1900, the Industrial Revolution created changes and kept continuities within long-distance migration. Continuities such as trade overseas still occurred overseas, which also continued the spread of diseases, religions, ideas, and cultures. Also the demand of food and material wealth is a requirement to the increasing population, which also continued. The Industrial Revolution created changes in the world. New railroads created lead to an increase and growth in colonies, which then created a massive growth in population.

Changes within the world were created by the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution, helped by the Scientific Revolution, gave rise to new technological innovations such as railroads, locomotives, and steam engines. Openings of new railroads systems was spread through-out the world, such as in the U.S. in 1869, and in Argentina, Cuba, Chile, and Brazil in the 1850s. These new transport system lead to a movement of new ideas over land, growth and creation of colonies, and dispersion of population. A growing population was created by the Industrial Revolution for reproduction of industrial workers and the hard labor work forces. Using then new transportation systems, the growing population was able to disperse into different settlements. It was pushed by poverty, displacement of peasant farming and artisan manufacturing. Britain is an example of a growing community. The isolated island could not support the large population, so people began to move out of Britain. The movement of people using the new transportation systems provided created new colonies and caused other colonies grew much larger. In the U.S., they acquired the Philippines in 1898, after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in Haiti. Also the movement of Russians and Ukrainians to Siberia, after the freeing of Serfs, created a new colony in 1861.

With the new changes, some continuities...
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