Change Analysis in Bawarchi

Topics: Family, Homemaker, Housekeeping Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: August 25, 2010
My hobby is watching movies. I have analysed change through the developments in a movie –Bawarchi. The movie Bawarchi was released in 1972. It was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee who is known for his light hearted family entertainers with social messages. The story revolves around the simple nitty gritty issues in an Indian household. Shot exclusively inside the Sharma household, this film explores the tensions and rivalries within the Sharma family, and how their domestic problems lead to discontentment in all spheres of their lives. The setting is of a joint Indian family with people of 3 generations living together. Their value systems have changed over the three generations. The head of the family is Shivnath Sharma. He is a retired post master and has a box of family treasures of jewellery which his sons are interested in owning. He has four sons Ramnath, Harinath, Kashinath and Bishwanath. His eldest son is Ramnath Sharma who works as head clerk. Ramnath Sharma is on the verge of retirement. His wife Rita is constantly beset with aches and pains. They have a daughter Mita who has completed B.A and now is pursuing her interest in dance. Harinath Sharma and his wife expired in an accident. Their daughter Krishna, a liitle younger than Mita ,is a docile and obedient girl who is interested in studies and dance. Kashinath is an intellectual and he teaches in a school. His wife Shobhna wants to move out of this house with her husband and son. Vishwanath is a young music director. Arun Kumar is a young boy who comes to tuition Krishna in her studies. The movie begins with the domestic help running away from the house as he complains of too much work. There is utter chaos and confusion in the house. The old man Shivnath is wailing for his morning tea. The daughter- in- laws are reluctant to do the household chores. Tussle arises among the brothers in the morning regarding the responsibilities of grocery shopping. As a result they get late to office....
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