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Describe whether or not it is difficult to change an organization's culture. Support your response with materials from the course. Changing an organizations culture can be very difficult and challenging for any company. An organizational culture if is build on the founders values, the industry and business environment, the national culture and the senior leaders’ vision and behavior (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013). It is best to research the start and history of the company. Then observe, analyze, and try to understand the current culture of the organization before making any changes. After doing those things if the current culture isn’t beneficial to the company you may consider changing it. Changing an organization culture includes changing the organizations’ goal, values, procedures, negatives into positives, employees view and attitudes, and even possibly the senior leadership. Which could mean deconstructing the organization and rebuilding it from the ground up.

Describe your current or former organizational culture and explain how organizational change is perceived within your workplace. Our organizational culture was set into standard many ages ago. The military has a set of guidelines that every leader and subordinate are expected to follow. One good thing about the regulations is that they are very broad, and it allows each leader to command their companies as they feel fit. As long as the procedures fall within the given guidelines. The military organization has definitely changed over time as the leadership changed, and I feel that the military is very open to change as long as it will better organization in a positive way. Adapt and overcome is one of the Army’s motto and skill they teach.
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