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Organic Change
Tia N. Robinson
Grand Canyon University LDR 825
September 10, 2014

Organic Change
This paper will discuss the implementation of change in an organization. The first section will identify different factors that a leader must use to determine where and in what areas change is needed in order to progress. The second section will explain the acceptance and readiness for change in an organization along with continuous learning skills, adaptation, and the way to improve an organization.

How to Determine Change
Change is an important factor of the success and growth process of any organization. While implementing any change, leaders should determine and make sure change is actually needed and it is a good time to make a change. Leong (2014) describes three factors that businesses use while making a decision for the need of change within the organization. The first factor that a leader and an organization should observe is where the business stands and if the change will make a progress. It is very valuable to observe what is the organizations strengths and weaknesses and what makes the organization successful. These evaluations will identify and enable the company to have a starting point on where they need to begin. Taking the initiative to view this area in change can determine if team members will accept or reject the planned change. Leong’s second factor is the creating the vision for future success. The process begins with the employer’s vision and goals for the team members. The vision and goals of the employer need to be communicated and planned so that no misunderstandings can arise when change is implemented. Team members will need to be educated on how changes in the business will affect them and how they can be a part of the change in the organization. The final factor that is discussed is how to bridge the gaps between the past and the future standards of the organization. These steps should be planned and organized properly so the transition to change could brought about easily and run smoothly. Employees will be educated on the goals and how to go about achieving them. They will know the action plan to succeed on fulfilling the mission and vision of the company. If employees and employers do not communicate effectively the process of change could be affected in the organization. Organizations Readiness for Change Although determining if the organization need changes, employers need to make the decision their organization’s readiness for change. California Medicine and Health Center (2009), states that fifty percent of change implementation are not successful because administration fail to prepare their organizations for change. California Telemedicine and Health Center (CTEC) focuses on how leaders should focus on an effective approach for their business’s readiness for change before the change is even implemented. The employer should identify any pitfalls along with threats that will interfere with necessary changes. CTEC produces strategies to organizations to apply. The first important step is communication. Employers must know how to utilize technology and social skills to communicate properly to employees. The second step is to educate and communicate where the company is and where it is trying to go. The employer also need to identify how the change will be beneficial and align with the organization culture and important stakeholders. The employer also needs to make reference as to how the change will align with the culture, and stakeholders of the organization. Implementing change with these strategies will help change in the organization succeed.

Conclusion Leaders want to develop a organizational culture where employees are improving, learning, and willing to adapt to change. In order for this to happen, employers need to...
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