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“Change involves a choice to alter one’s view of others and their world”

Change is inevitable, it can not just simply be ceased however as individuals, we are given the choice on what we make of it and how we allow it to alter our view of others and the world around us. The choice made on how the world is seen and how its occupants are as well can have a significant impact on someone’s life and shape the type of person that this individual becomes. As evident in the following texts, Enter Without So Much As Knocking by Bruce Dawe, No More Boomerang by Oodgero Noonuccal, Night by Elie Wiesel and Took The Children Away by Archie Roach, the irrevocable change gives individuals a choice, it is up to this individual on what they make of it whether it maybe a beneficial or detrimental impact whilst keeping in mind the alterations that this choice will inflict on their view of others and their world. These texts will further enhance the understanding of choice and how it has the power to formulate the type of future that awaits.

The poem ‘No More Boomerang’ by Oodgero Noonuccal, depicts the type of life the Aboriginal people had and although the circumstances that they were placed into were not just or fair, they were also inescapable. However, with this being said, the Aboriginal people did have a distinct choice, they had a choice on what they made of themselves in the future and how they could endeavor to learn from these mistakes and grow as people. Much like ‘Night’, ‘No More Boomerang’ also reiterates a negative vibe and lifestyle within both the protagonist’s lives, ‘Now all civilized- Colour bar and beer’ this quote from the poem clearly indicates the struggle that the Aboriginal people had during this time. The specification of ‘colour bar’ shows that they were segregated from the rest of the community because they were not good enough to be around the ‘white people’, a clear sign of dehumanisation. With now being exposed to a more ‘civilized’ type of living, the Aboriginal people resorted to the foreign comfort of alcohol (‘beer’) which resulted in the increase of Aboriginal alcoholism. Even though the Aboriginal people had a very slim chance of having a choice as to what happened to them during this devastating time, they still had a choice as to what happened to them afterwards. The protagonist could’ve made the choice to stop conforming to the White Australian’s way of living and to go back to the type of living that he was accustomed to. ‘Lay down the woomera, Lay down the waddy. Now we got atom-bomb, End everybody’, this quote clearly expresses the change that the Aboriginal people were heavily exposed to, from using their weapons for hunting and survival to having the power to destroy and corrupt within the palm of their hands. This further clarifies the fact that after being familiarised with the feeling of hatred and pain, the protagonist still clearly holds that bitter emotion towards the White Australian’s in his heart even though it was so long ago. This correlates with the protagonist of ‘Night’ who also still experiences the same feeling, only in different context. It represents the fact that they’re still trying to heal from the pain and the sudden changes of their lives, it’s something that they are unable to forget and without letting this feeling go, they’re allowing themselves to quickly alter their views of people and the world in a negative way.

In comparison to ‘Night’, although Elie had very conflicting views on life in general and how he saw people through out the book, as a result of his trauma, he has enabled himself to embrace the change. He, of course as stated previously, still feels bitter towards his past and the Germans, however he still believes that there is room for peace and that the world has the potential to ‘change’ and be more aware of the severe situations that are happening within it’s surroundings. This is explanatory in the quote, ‘I could not believe that human...
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