Topics: Change, The Unexpected, Persona Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Change can be both negative and positive, bringing about unexpected consequences. In both of the texts, the personas are widowers, struggling to handle their changed situation created by the death of their loved one. We can see the unexpected consequence of the loneliness they experience and the hope that they have in the midst of despair. The first text ‘Widower in the country’ by Less Murray uses a slow and reflective that emphasises the personas isolation and grief and to explore his reflections on and experiences of his changed situation. The unexpected consequence he experiences is that through the death of his wife, he too becomes death-like, as he has lost his sense of self and falls into this pit of isolation where he seems to have ceased to exist. Although in this state of loneliness and despair he still remains an unexpected glimmer of hope and optimism, a hope that something will awaken him from his hypnotic routine trance. The second text is a Pixar Animation called ‘Up’ which suggests the idea that change can bring negative consequences creating a sense of hopelessness, however we can grow out of the adversity through unexpected relationships and experiences that brings a sense of purpose and fulfilment to the persona. Let’s start with ‘Widower in Country’. This poem suggests that change can bring about unexpected consequences. WE see the widower experiences a great change through the loss of a significant individual and how he handles his grief in his day-to day life. The change has brought about an unexpected but extreme level of loneliness and isolation where it seems like the widower is just existing not living and experiencing. Murray focuses on the robotic routine actions to show the mental state of the persona. This is accompanied with the slow, reflective tone that emphasises his loneliness and loss of meaning. The reflective tone is suggested through the use of short and blunt sentences. This pared down language emphasises his personal...
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