Champion of the world

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Champion of the world
Many events have strengthened the bonds of families, friends, and even ethnic communities and groups in history. This boxing event has done exactly so. Many people from family and friends to even strangers gathered together to listen to this boxing match. The fact that being African-American at that time meant being in a whole different social class so they would be mistreated and under-privileged. This boxing match was an African-American man versus an American man. Supporting the underdog meant having pride in being African-American.

This story started off with everyone gathering together in the store trying to listen to the radio. Everyone has his or her own spot and space in the store. Women would be sitting down on almost anything they can find while holding children while men stood up leaning on something or each other. This already creates a bond with each other without them knowing. They would all share food and drinks but the real fest didn’t start until the end of the match. The women were all sitting down which made them talk amongst themselves. The men would be leaning on each other, which has a sense of physical connection. Also men are going to be men and talk trash and having pride in what they believe which works up the rest of the men who are doubting and unsure of the outcome of the fight.

When people are being mistreated and socially unaccepted, they tend to stick together of whom is being treated that way. In this case, Louis who was the African-American boxer was the underdog. The people wanted to show support for him because Louis is one of them as well. Everyone in the store was focused on the match. Uncle Willie didn’t even let them ring up the sales during the fight because it would be too noisy and mess up the atmosphere. They took this very seriously in showing pride and support for their fellow African-American.

They had a lot to gain but yet a lot to lose. If he had lost this match, everyone would just...
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