Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Topics: Discrimination, Sociology, Law Pages: 5 (734 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services Unit 3 Champion equality, diversity and inclusion

Assessment Learning outcomes 2 and 4 require assessment in the workplace
Assessment methodology
Work place assessment - assessment criteria 2.1 , 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 4.4 Work product/documents – assessment criteria 2.1,2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.3, 4.4
Planning for professional discussion

1. Understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility • Models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility Rights
Individual choice
Person centred practice
Allocating resources
Codes of practice
Partnership working
Meeting NMS
• Potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility Health, mental physical
Unsafe environment
Harm and abuse
Cycle of oppression
Social exclusion
Poor interpersonal interactions and communication
Implications of non-compliance e.g. financial, legal, moral • The impact of legislation and policy initiatives on the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility Every Child Matters

Rights to Action
The Equal Pay Act 1975
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Race Relations act 1976
The Children Act 1989
The Children act 2004
The NHS and Community Care Act 1990
The Data Protection Act 1984
The Mental health Act 1983
Sex Discrimination Acts 1975 and 1986
Care Standards Act 2000
Care Homes regulations 2001 and NMS Children’s Homes
European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 1950 The convention of the Rights of the Child 1989
Human Rights Act 2005
Codes of Practice e.g. Codes of practice for Social care Workers and Codes of Practice for Employers of Social care workers Charters and organisational Policies
Changes to practice
Development and improvement needs
Inter-professional working
2 Be able to champion equality, diversity and inclusion
• Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in policy and practice Embracing diversity
Recognising equality
Non-judgemental attitudes
Challenging overt and covert discrimination
Staff training and CPD
Quality Assurance systems
Record keeping
Inspecting the workplace
Enforcement and compliance
• Challenging discrimination and exclusion in policy and practice – providing others with information about the effects of discrimination Positive and negative effects
Short and long-term effects e.g health problems
Policy and practice reforms
Roles and responsibilities
Reduced productivity
Reduced client numbers
• The impact if inclusion
Self esteem
Self concept
o Health
o Recovery rate
o Future progress
o Increased productivity
o Effective team and partnership working

• Support others to challenge discrimination
Positive culture
Training and CPD opportunities
Responsibilities for management of practice
Safe environment
Updating of policies and procedures
The value of diversity
Increased knowledge of
o Other cultures
o Religions
o Age
o Gender
o Sexuality
o Increased opportunities
o Enterprise

3 Understand how to develop systems and processes that promote diversity, equality and inclusion • How systems and processes can promote equality, diversity and inclusion Relevant legislation
ADP to combat
In house policies and codes of practice
Audit of practice
Staff appraisals
Questionnaires for users of the service and families – and actions Sharing good practice and partnership working
• The effectiveness of systems and processes in promoting equality diversity and inclusion Specific improvement to individual client/staff
Self esteem
Staff happiness and...
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