Champion Equality

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Champion equality, diversity and inclusion

1.1 Examples of equality, diversity and difference in my home setting of responsibility. Here is how the three headings have an impact with my client group: Equality – A service user wishes to attend a college course, he has a learning disability and is aged over 55 years old. He has never attended a college course before and would like to go to this one as it is photography and he has his own camera and would like to take it to the course. His disability, his age have no impact on the decision for him to attend. He is being treated fairly like the rest of the candidates Diversity, basically means valuing, this person is being valued from my point of view as an individual who has expressed an interest and as a manager I value and respect their wishes to attend the college course. Inclusion - Me ensuring the service user is included in all aspects of the activity. Being treated with the same values and respect as others but as an individual at the same time. By inclusion I mean being part of the course, becoming involved with the learners and starting from the same point as everyone else has on the course. Improvements to equality have been enforced by the following: Sex discrimination Act 1975, disability discrimination Act 1998, and equality act 2006. Critical views from (Thompson 2011) states that the equal opportunities approach still means that some individuals can still not achieve due to their behaviours. 1.2 The barriers of equality and inclusion in my area are quite apparent. Out service users can make their needs heard, make choices on what they wish to do and be included in their community. It is often the case that publicity in the media has caused a breakdown in acceptance with our individuals as to some they are labelled as trouble makers and find it difficult to be accepted in their local surroundings. Because of this it means that alternative efforts are made by me and the staff to enable the barriers to be pulled down and achievements to be made still. The effect this has on the individual is often negative and they can become anxious and display behaviours which may eventually prevent them from leaving home and attending planned activities such as the college courses discussed in 1.1. 1.3 The impact the legislation has on my own care setting I feel is very positive. It states that every service user has the right to equality, diversity and inclusion and as a manager it is my responsibility to promote these at all times. Staffs needs to be aware of the expectations of the standards and equally the rights of our individuals so they can be encouraged to live a life they want with the choices they need. 2.1 The policies and procedures in place in my work setting are their to ensure that equality diversity and inclusion are all adhered to and staff follow the procedures. As a manager I promote this requirement through supervision, discussions and training and in our home there is a wall display full of information which constantly reminds staff of the expectations of them and for the visitors of the home to recognise the standards we work to for their loved one and what their loved one has a right to each and everyday whilst in our care setting. 2.2 Here I have defined what the following discrimination means and how they could occur in my work place. Stereotyping- non sexual, never be in a relationship unless the partner is like them or a pervert – Service users do sometimes show an interest in other people in a sexual way. If this happens when out in the community and someone who doesn’t understand their condition would be very quick to give a negative response. In this situation the staffs reassures the service user and explain to them that they have done nothing wrong and then for their protection move the couple to a different area away from the negative reactions. Incapable of full participation of everyday life – basically meaning they just...
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