Topics: Azaria Chamberlain disappearance, Dingo, Periodization Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: June 27, 2013
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Mrs Chamberlain was not responsible for the death of her daughter, Azaria Chamberlain as there is sufficient amount of evidence to confirm a dingo had killed the nine week old baby. There was no motive proven and insufficient amount of time to prove that Lindy Chamberlain had indeed murdered her baby she cared for with much love. Sally Lowe, who camped next to the Chamberlains stated that Mrs Chamberlain had a new mum glow to her and was not sullen or angry. Evidence has indicated that the place the Chamberlains camped at had dingoes in the area. Signs were ordered to be put up in 1980 signifying the area contained dingos but was not put up at the time. In addition, the family had camped near a sand dune therefore becoming a target to the dingos. Witness Grey Lowe told how he was talking to the Chamberlains at the barbeque area and that he saw Mrs Chamberlain take Azaria and Aidan back to the tent around eight o’clock. He then testified that eight to ten minutes later, she returned with Aidan with baked beans. This proves that Mrs Chamberlain had insufficient time to kill her baby. During the ride to the camping area, Mrs Chamberlain testified that she had been left with Azaria for a long period of time as Mr Chamberlain and their other children were climbing ‘The Climb’. In that time period, Mrs Chamberlain would’ve had enough time to kill her baby but she didn’t. “Dingos are capable to carry a child by its head for long distances and a small child would be a viable prey towards the dingo” stated Les Harris, the President of the Dingo Foundation. Also, a tin had been chewed by a dingo during the making of the film about the Chamberlains has proven that a dingo had enough strength and ability to kill a baby. Dr Vernon Plueckhahn believed that there been little bleeding because the dingos teeth might have been plugged into the wounds. A tourist, Max Whittacker was involved with the search to find some clues about the whereabouts of Azaria...
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