Challenges That Face Multiracial Latinos

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Ethnic group, Multiracial Pages: 7 (2751 words) Published: April 25, 2012
“The Challenges that face Multiracial Latinos in Society”

In a nation that boasts such a diverse and colorful population , it is surprising how quick it’s mono racial inhabitants and government are to discriminate and build walls between themselves and their mixed race counterparts. In light of the mixed race Latino, they are one of the major unaccepted groups known to Man. Basically they carry around the image of being partly involved with the Hispanic stigmatized minority group which therefore later insinuates struggles down the road with personal identification development. In such a long run of years various governments and powerful , elite heads of large corporations have aimed their concerns at keeping the multiracial identity at bay, concealing it if you will. They have respectively kept order in keeping race related subjects on applications , social perceptions , and even media always focused on sole race never mixed which poses the question then “ where do multi-racials belong on the pecking order, if their not even considered?”. As one can obviously tell there are plenty of mutating challenges that impede the way of multiracial Latinos from ever advancing in the way that their mono racial counterparts do. Multiracial Latinos suffer constantly not only by the ethnic groups they are a product of but also by their non related mono-racial counterparts which hinders a multiracial individual from having a positive and prideful self perception of his or her identity due to discriminatory actions posed against multiracial Latino individuals and because of unchanging world constructs on race. One of the conflicting challenges that mixed race Latinos struggle with is discrimination. A more prevalent form of discrimination that is dealt with among multi -racial’s is social invalidation and alienation among cultural or ethnic groups that may or may not be related to the multiracial individual. Due to the fact that multiracial individuals “ have less access to multiracial family and friends and thus have less social support or guidance on race related obstacles” (Francis, Kimberly), it makes it difficult for them to closely identify with anyone, share experiences and such. They are somewhat alienated from the mono racial loop and feel pushed to pick a side so that they will have somewhere to belong and not suffer through taunts and criticisms as much as before. It’s also very hard to carry pride in their multiracial identity because so far it’s just a few people standing alone for this cause, they are rejected by their common groups and there’s not really a backbone to support the multiracial identity which entails why there are no unions, no organizations, no categories, no nothing to represent multi racials . It’s as though multiracial people are non existent and are forced to rely on only themselves when it comes to racial issues. Mono racials often have immediate families and friends that they similarly identify with culturally and ethnically. Its just overall easier to feel a part of the gang when your mono racial and when your multiracial it’s kind of the opposite, there is no such thing as an in between group, so your practically stuck on your own. In various situations individuals may be unable to assert their preferred identity (i.e., biracial or multiracial) and, instead, feel forced to use the options provided to them, describing themselves exclusively as Asian, Black, Latino, Native American, or White(Hall,1992)”. Basically they feel a push and pull between groups and tend to lean towards the group that is most similar to them in physical characteristics and of course the group that most welcomes them making them feel the need to dial down an ethnic part of themselves. That truly affects ones ability to fully grasp what he or she is because they are drawn and labeled exclusively to one group. Their self perception completely changes because now they...
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