Challenges of the Youth

Topics: Child abuse Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Challenges of the Youth
Abusive Parents

By: Jeremiah Ngiratreged
Palau Mission Academy

In times like these, when faith often proves in vain, many turn away from what is right. The toughest challenges that the youth face often begin at home. It is hard to say what truly drives human beings to be so careless and cruel, but we can say this for sure, all people have the potential to be monsters. The duty of a parent is to protect, to nurture, and to teach their children. Some parents simply toss this responsibility to the wind, and leave the future of a child to chance. I have seen and heard many stories of many children being abandoned, abused, and apprehended. Can children really be blamed for criminal actions? Is everything that they do really a reflection of who they are, or is it all nothing more than a voice crying out in desperation to be heard by someone? Sometimes actions are the only way people know how to communicate with each other. Many of the youth today, not only have to face the challenges of school, and work, but must also have to face the trials of their own home. A few years ago, I had a friend who had been one of the smartest, strongest, and most inspirational people I had ever known. She was someone that I had always looked up to. She was always kind, always loving, always willing to do what was right and a great friend to everyone she met, but somehow she never seemed happy. One day she came to school looking hurt and miserable and wouldn’t respond to anyone. I asked her what was wrong and pleaded with her to be completely honest. She made me promise not to tell anyone about anything she was about to tell me. I made her that promise, and she rolled up her sleeve. Her arm was badly bruised, and so was her legs and it was then that I knew what happened. She had been abused by her parents the night before, but what shocked me even more was the fact that she told me this had been happening...
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