Challenges of Industries

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1. Globalization:

Many Indian firms are compelled to think globally, something which is difficult for managers who were accustomed to operate in vast sheltered markets with minimal or no competition either from domestic or foreign firms.

2. Changed Employee Expectations:

Employees demand empowerment and expect equality with the management. Previous notions on managerial authority are giving way to employee influence & involvement along with mechanisms for upward communication and due process. If we look at the workers’ unions of Otis, Hindustan Lever, ICI, TOMCO, Blue Star, Webel Electro, and Central Bank. They rewrite their agenda to include quality and better customer service and are even accusing the management of malpractices. So every time there is need to redraw the profile of the worker and discover new methods of training, hiring, remunerating and motivating employees.

3. Outsourcing HR Activities:

The trends towards outsourcing have been caused by several strategic and operational motives. HR departments are divesting themselves from mundane activities to focus more on strategic role. Outsourcing has also been used to help reduce bureaucracy and to encourage a more responsive culture by introducing external market forces into the firm through the biding process. It is a big challenge before the HR manager to prove that his/her department is as important as any other functions in the organization. The relevance of HR is at stack.

4. Changing Workforce Dynamics:

Frequently, physical relocation is required. The increasing number of dual-career professionals limits individual flexibility in accepting such assignments and may hinder number of dual-career professionals limits individual flexibility in accepting such assignments and may hinder organizational flexibility in acquiring and developing talent. Some demographic changes in the workforce having their own implications to the HR managers are: a. Increasing number of working mothers

b. A steady decline of blue-collar employees who are giving way to white-collar employees c. Increasing awareness & education among workers.

5. Balancing Work-life:

Balancing work & life assumes relevance when both husband and wife are employed. Travails of a working housewife are more than a working husband, thus balancing it is becoming a major challenge for HR manager. So a programme aiming balancing work-life is required and are supposed to include: Childcare at or near the workplace, Job Sharing, Care for sick children and employees, On-site summer camp, Training supervisors to respond to work and family needs of employees, Flexible work scheduling, Sick leave policies, Variety of errands from dry cleaning, dropping children at schools, making dinner reservations etc. and many more like the same or other.

6. Making HR activities ethical:

Hiring ethical strong employees is only the beginning. The need to institute mechanisms to ensure ethical conduct of employees is increased a lot with the passage of time. The HR manager needs to carefully screen applications for jobs, weed out those who are prone to indulge in misdemeanors and hire those who can build a value driven organization.

7. Organizational Restructuring:

Peter Drucker prophesies in his book (The New Realities) is showing its color and many big companies has reduced their number of management grades, elimination of layers, & redrawing reporting lines within their organization. ITC, HLL, Godrej & Boyce, RPG Enterprises, Raymond Woolen Mills, Shaw Wallace, Ballarpur Industries, Compton & Greaves are some of the companies that are doing so. Changes are required particularly during the time of...
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