Challenges in Life

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The challenges I have to take day by day and strive for the best in life. School is all I need to survive for my child. I have to make a different and a change somewhere in life. I have a strong concept of doing the hard work first, a doing my best to get good grades every time. Sometime it get hard but, you got to keep trying and don’t give up. This is my challenge to test myself that I can do it no matter what I will always succeed, and get to where I need. I will gain every time as long as I got the help of Ashford University. I will overcome all my goals and show myself that I will do this all the way with the help of my teachers. This is very important to me to overcome my problems in life. I chose this because I have never went to school after, graduation so now I have this big opportunity to have something at once. Ashford teachers they have been very helpful to tools they let me use. The rubrics they created to understand the main concept of reading and writing for the main basics to understand what I need to understand a make it makes sense. Threw the reading I have learn my main sources threw life no matter what. Without a little reading you would never understand the grammar of writing. The phase of any story is reading as the main key. But, I can say that the self-reflection using the Waypoint Tutorial is very useful to me. I have used all Ashford tools to understand my work on how to get threw it on my own. My test skills will get better with the help of Ashford teachers and others. As an Ashford student I know I will make it no matter how I feel can express me to others a get a respond. All I need is my teachers help with this writing and they are the best. I would like to say that I will stick out my four years of college and show Ashford teachers that all their hard work did pay off. I will always say that reading, and writing is the main key to life and Ashford has showed me my weakness. Long as I’m a student I will do my best an if I need...
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