Challenges in HRM

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The main purpose of this article is to define the five major challenges in HRM. With the constant employee demands and constant negative consequences for employees, there has always been a need to satisfy them and provide them with benefits. HRM or human resource management is what looks into these types of issues and it focus on managing them efficiently and appropriately. The goal of this process addresses the most beneficial way to support employees while achieving results. Due to that reason, specific things need to be thought about thoroughly and plans must be made to asses those things. With this always comes challenges and in an article posted on Forbes, five of these challenges are put into perspective and they are explained with an enough detail to understand the reasons for focusing on theses specific issues. The key question that the author (s) is addressing is

What it takes to be a good Leader and what are the top challenges for HRM to develop those leaders. Leadership skills are very important in today’s society and in every business. Being a leader is in itself a challenge. The most important information in this article is:

Developing and retaining the best leaders is going to be one of the most important roles for Human Resources. The HR department has a clear role in this process and what it takes to determine the success of the organization.

The main point(s) of view presented in this article are the challenges in HRM. The first two challenges are the investment in leadership development and to create a culture of collaboration. The reason for investing in leadership development is because it helps the best employees attain those necessary attributes to become a good leader. Some of these training includes something like a worthy education program through universities. Although this type of training might end up being expensive, the results of this investment are more beneficial than anything else. Helping the...

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