Challenges Faced by Young Unemployed Families in Chicago

Topics: Sociology, Unemployment, Social stratification Pages: 8 (3619 words) Published: December 8, 2008
Challenges faced by young unemployed families in Chicago Research Question Format: Considering the main relationship between parent and children, why or what is the cause of the unemployment among young families, and the effect this has on the family institution where the social problem is located. Social Question Description: When someone looses a job in the family, it reverberates through the whole family. It doesn’t just affect the job looser it affects the whole family and it affects people’s relationships in the family. The level of stress goes up from, the uncertainty of economy, and the hard decisions that the family has to make puts that much more stress on them. Low income in the family usually brings out many negative behaviors such as, boys acting up and being mad at everyone, internalizing disorders and anxiety occurring to girls, father and mother arguing much more frequently, and physical connections occur. Often alcohol use increases which creates many more problems in the family itself. The relationship between the family might deter ate and not be as good as it was when the stress level was low. For many families it is hard to get into the job market after a long time of unemployment from such things as alcohol abuse, so it’s like a vicious cycle that occurs that is very hard to reverse for some families, and those are the families that get left behind and struggle the most. Living in a city like Chicago, there is a lot of competition between employers and so they are always looking for employees with more experience and education to help them become a stronger business. Many young people in Chicago who started a family of their own didn’t have the opportunity to go to college and get that degree which would have granted them a good paying job. And those who were lucky enough to get a job usually live by paycheck to paycheck and are happy if something is left over. While the event of job loss creates a lot of uncertainty, for many it’s just the beginning because it’s really just the cascade of other events that happen that create the stress for people. For some they move on to the next job, but for others they get left behind and when they get left behind their lives diminish fast with the array of health problems and stresses that they didn’t have before. They are trapped geographically as well as economically with a very thin so called safety net. It’s probably much easier for families to find jobs if they live in certain parts of Chicago for example, if a family lives near a big employers of some kind like a factories they might find jobs faster. Since the economy is going down and many people are saying we are experiencing a recession, I believe many employers are afraid and their cutting down the jobs to maintain their stability/position in the economy. Businesses are making cut backs to see if the company can be run with this much amount of employees and if it can then they have no reason or expectations of rehiring others. This keeps the business afloat but creates a big black hole on the family which is in a major crisis and is in need of financial stability. Human society has forces that sometimes create balances and imbalances among individuals within the society. With this premise, it can be said that some changes within the social structure may be beneficial to an individual and detrimental for the other. Indeed, one illustration of these imbalances in the society is the negative, or non-beneficial, affects of unemployment of an individual on his/her family. Although unemployment may be best viewed as an economic issue, the social and psychological effects that it brings to the individual and society makes it an essential issue to be discussed in the domains of sociology and psychology. Therefore, the relationship that the employer and the family have is a strong and much needed relationship but one that isn’t always kept together. Data Collection Report: Interviewee# 1: Male, 21 years...
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