Challenges Faced by Non-English Speaking Americans and How to Overcome Them

Topics: English language, United States, Second language Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: September 9, 2012
There are many challenges that are faced with non-English speaking Americans. Many who do not know or understand simple words in English can make critical errors depending on the job field. I work at a bingo hall, but we have people that come in who know very little English and can be hard to understand what they are trying to say. In the workplace it is always important to understand what your fellow co-worker is saying, that way everything can run smoothly. Should someone who does not speak clear English try and communicate and emergency, then problems can arise here. It can be hard to convey what the emergency is and can lead to the situation being worst or people yelling at one another trying to figure out what is going on. Now for everyday life for non-English speaking Americans can be even harder. The challenges vary from trying to make a simple phone call to trying to buy everyday needs. School is also not that easy on children who are from non-English speaking Americans. These children have to have special classes just to understand the material that the other students are learning with no problem. This can also lead to the children to feel like they are an outcast for having to get special classes just to understand the material. They have to go through school with the other children making fun of the way they talk, which to the kids everyone else sounds just as strange.

Now not all is bad news for the non-English speakers of the United States, there is a silver lining in the dark clouds. There are some jobs the English speakers of the United States cannot get, for speaking the native tongue is required. There are many places that will only hire non-English speakers as a first language, for the high rate of cliental of that speaking tongue. Another job some of these non-English speakers can go into the field for is being English as a second language teacher. The non-English speakers can make a good living off of teach children of their native...
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