Challenges and most effective measures to feed a rapidly expanding population

Topics: Agriculture, World population, Food security Pages: 4 (897 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Population has been growing drastically for several years. It is shown that the world population has increased from 2 billions in 1930 to 6.8 billion in 2010 (Black, 2010). Feeding such a rapidly growing population has always had many challenges, however, with the population expectancy of 9 billions by 2050 only adds to the already very omnipresent pressure and concerns. In a world where already one billion people are currently suffering from chronic hunger , it is time to have a plan with solutions that will allow to feed a quickly expanding population growth. This essay will explore those the different measures that can be taken such as; using resources more efficiently shifting diets away from meat and reducing food waste while overcoming the endless challenges that are constantly faced.

Three interlinked challenges are to be surmounted, the world's food system must guarantee that all seven billion people alive today are adequately fed; it must double food production in the next 40 years; and it must achieve both goals while becoming truly environmentally sustainable. One of the measures to do so is by using resources much more efficiently leading to a much higher crop output per unit of water, fertilizer and energy. To do so there are three different actions that agriculture can adopt throughout the world. The first one is knows as drip irrigation which is the technique of applying water directly onto the plant instead of wasting water by usually spraying into the air. The second technique is mulching which is the action of coating the soil with organic matter in order for the moisture to be retained by the soil which will also reduce the water lost from irrigation systems as it will reduce the amount of evaporation let out from reservoirs and canals. Another dilemma comes from the use of fertilizers. While some lands lack many nutrients and therefore have poor crop production, other have too many nutrients which results in creating pollution....

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