Challenges and Implication of the Ministry in the 21st Century

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Discuss and interpret contemporary ministry. What are the challenges and implication of the ministry in the 21st century and state the wayward? An Assignment Presented by

Gaya, Hankuri Tawus
An Assignment On
Psychology and Sociology of Christian Ministry
CRS 464

Dr. Mrs Yosi A.D. Maton

November, 2012
The face of Christian ministry has change and is changing. John P. kotter agree with this statement when he said ‘The amount of significant, often traumatic, change in organizations has grown tremendously over the past two decades. Although some people predict that most of the reengineering, restrategizing, mergers, downsizing, quality effort, and cultural renewal projects will soon disappear, I think that is highly unlike.’ John Stott in His book Issues Facing Christians Today described the challenges facing Christianity today as follows:

“At the outset of the twenty-first century, we are faced with bewildering array of challenges which fifty years ago we could never have imagined. On the one hand the pace of technological change has confirmed humanity’s cleverness; on the other hand the persistence of global poetry remains a challenge to our sense of justice. We are increasingly interdependent globally and business opportunities abound, but rich and poor are as far apart as ver. We are addressed as consumers rather than citizens in a material society of great sophistication but with little sense of purpose. The unintended consequences of our actions have caused environment problems which seriously threaten our future together. Although the threat of nuclear war has receded, we have to come to terms with the rise of global terrorism, the advent of the suicide bomber and the resurgence of violence which is religiously inspired. The breakdown of the family, particularly in the West, has laid heavy burdens on single parents, has threatened the cohesion of the community and in many cases has led to a sense of alienation amongst young people. We are confused about the nature of human identity, and this confusion can be seen both in the destruction of life through abortion and euthanasia and in our intention to create life through genetics and cloning.”

The Change in the world comes with a change in the face of Christian ministry in contemporary to ignore the issues facing the church at the moment globally is to make the church loose relevant and the essence of her existence, knowing the church is called to be the salt and light of the world. We will be discussion the topic by looking at the meaning of Christian Ministry, contemporary ministry, challenges facing Christian Ministry and the way forward in times like this.

Christian Ministry
The word ‘ministry’ means service both in the secular and spiritual circle. In the Christian context ministry means ‘serving God and others out of love and compassion; Service rendered with any other motive apart from love are not acceptable as genuine ministry before God.’ Richard Lamb in following Jesus in the real world looked at Ministry in the Christian circle as ‘spending our lives on others to direct them towards God. ’ This definition implies that whatever the kind of ministry one is involved in they must continually keep their focus on God who has called them to serve, not on the themselves or on those they are called to service. Roger Pascoe said ‘Christian ministry is the activity and responsibility of the local church in the fulfillment of its biblically defined mandate in the world.’ Lagley categorized ministry into two. The broad and the narrow sense and when further to defined them as ‘the broad sense of ministry means mutual act of service performed by members of the Church towards God and one another; While the narrow sense is defined as service of those recognized usually by an act of ordination as leaders within the Church.’ This categorization of Ministry means all Christian whether ordain or not ordained are involved n...

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