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Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, English language, Spanish language Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Edgar Allan Poe is incredibly famous for his dark themes of agony and death. In particular, The Raven, features a man slowly becoming mad after losing his love, Lenore. The speaker begins to speak to himself while sitting alone in his house. He hears a tapping outside the front door. He opens the door only to find no one there and blames the tapping on the wind against the windows. After opening the window, a raven flies in, and the speaker begins to talk to the crow. The crow only knows one word, but the speaker is slow to realize this and continues to ask painful questions. The man has gone mad and idealizes his dead love, Lenore. Tyler Miller goes from a nobody to a popular high school senior after he gets arrested for spray painting the school in graffiti. Tyler ends up with one of the most popular girls at school named Bethany Milbury, who is also Tyler's dad's boss's daughter. After attending a wild high school party with her, Tyler Miller finds himself as the prime suspect in a scandal involving Bethany and her nude pictures on a website and almost having sex with her while she was wasted. Everyone thinks Tyler is the culprit, and his life instantly takes a turn for the worse. Facing a serious charge, Tyler sets out not only to fix his reputation, but his entire life as well. In "Differences between Korean and English, Sunho Lee shows contrast in the Korean and English language, and he explains the difficulties for Koreans to learn English as a second language. Although Lee did not provide clear examples of Korean sentences like he showed with English, it was the correct choice for his essay. Lee's essay describes specifically Koreans struggling to understand English and not English speakers struggling to learn Korean. If Lee sought to prove the difficulty for English speakers to learn Korean, then he would need clear examples of Korean sentences. Lee shows adequate contrast and explanations of Korean grammar without the need for Korean...
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