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Chair Schema

By amitsinghyadav Dec 04, 2013 269 Words
Product: Band Remote
Specifically designed for the technologically savvy generation X, the “band remote” is a state of the art smart remote for television. Its touch interface allows for easy navigation and control and can be fully customized with your favorite shows /channels or categories. It comfortably fits around your wrist so you never have to worry about losing the remote again. Other innovative features include: Auto Power On/Off

Built in speaker and headphone jack
Auto translation to other languages

Service: Savvy Savings Bank
For the generation that cares about savings finally a banking solution that works. Save, Spend, Invest and donate all from one source. Use our smart app to turn impulses and cravings into savings. Skip the cofee at starbux today and invest the $3.5 into vanguard funds with a single tap and watch your money grow. No fees, no minimums. Time is money and with Savvy Savings Bank you can save both!

Service: is a unique serivce that allows subscribers to create a meal queue like Netflix regarding what they would like for dinner for the week and then ships the necessary ingredients and the easy to follow recipefor dinner each night in a box. Simply open the box, follow the instructions and enjoy a hearty organic home cooked meal in under 30 minutes with your family.

Positioning Statement for (name)
Is an
online service (category)
delivers nutritious ready to cook meals with all the ingredients and recipe in a box (benefit) Because
time ought to be spent with family than at the grocery store! (support)

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