Chain of Command

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Chain Of Command

Chain of Command in the Army is “the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a Military unit.” The building blocks of all any organizations the individual solider. Elements of the Army’s organizational structure become larger unit, they contain more subordinate elements from combat arms, combat support and combat service support units. The main reasons when discussing the Chain Of Command is managing how it all works.

Orders are usually passed down through the high ranking soldiers. They are usually passed from Commissioned officers to NCO (Non-Commissioned Officers) and their subordinates. When the orders are received the are either done personally or passed the are either done personally or passed down the Chain of Command as appropriate once tasked these orders, all soldiers expected to execute them exactly as ordered.

All soldiers are responsible for their duty. The Army Study Guide defines duty A “is the legal or moral obligation to do what should be done without being told to do so.” When we jump and/or break our Chain of Command we then don’t follow our duty as a solider. When you become a Sergeant, the main focus as a person is to train and lead soldiers. We as in a Sergeant, have to break and jump to the next level we interrupt the training of fellows in the platoon or troop.

A company is the smallest army elements to be given a designation and affiliation with higher headquarters and brigade leave. First it causes to an element to become a unit. There is eight categories including squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, division, corps, and the army.

First is the squad. Squad is up to nine to ten soldiers commanded by a sergeant or staff sergeant squad or section is the smallest in the army structure and the size is dependents it functions. .Second is the platoon. Platoon has sixteen to forty-four soldiers. It is led by a lieutenant with NCO (Non- Commissioner) as a second command and...
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