Chaco Canyon Research Paper

Topics: Religion, Islam, Christianity, United States, Muhammad, God / Pages: 1 (249 words) / Published: Mar 3rd, 2017
Chaco Canyon is located in northwestern New Mexico. Around 700 they started building rectangular houses above the ground. There was higher rainfall and higher groundwater levels and this caused an increase in population. What was so remarkable about this period was the Chaco phenomenon, which is the construction of fourteen Great houses in Chaco Canyon. These houses were multistory, and made from stone-and-timber pueblos. One of the houses, known as Pueblo Bonito, had more than six hundred rooms, forty ritual enclosures and it was as high as five stories. Large caches of rich ceremonial artifacts have been discovered and so it is believed that it served as ceremonial functions.
It has also been discovered that the way the houses were aligned

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