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Topics: Ketchup, H. J. Heinz Company, Food Pages: 32 (4935 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Heinz is a US based Food company with over 141 years of traditions and numerous branches worldwide. Some of the countries that enjoy their products include the US, UK, India, Australia and many more. Heinz was founded in Pennsylvania by a twenty five year old known as H.J. Heinz in the year 1869. The company began growing and eventually became recognized as one of the most reputable food based companies in the world. Heinz principal products include ketchup, condiments, sauces, frozen food, soups, beans, pasta meals, infant nutrition and other food products. Heinz employs approx. 33,000 people worldwide and operates more than 70 company owned factories. It all started in a little house in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania where Henry J Heinz grew up living with his family. At the age nine he walked door to door selling vegetables from the family garden. Henry quickly understood before others that quality food product, properly packed and promoted would find a ready place in growing households. From the first product in 1869, horseradish, soon iconic Ketchup was introduced in 1896, Heinz famous “57 Variety” sprouted. This slogan had permanently rooted in Heinz’s brand and became a part of the company logo. At twelve he was delivering his products to grocery stores in Pittsburgh and 5 years later generated annual gross revenue of 2,400. Although he was meant to work with his father in a brick industry, he quickly realized that food product business was the path he wanted to choose so he did. In 1869 Henry along with his friend L. Clarence Noble, founded Heinz Noble& Company and began to market horseradish. A year later a long depression forced the company into voluntary liquidation. In 1876 Henry established F. & J. Heinz along with two partners and introduced tomato ketchup in addition to six other products (celery sauce, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, vinegar). Twelve years later he acquired controlling interest and renamed company to H.J Heinz., the name it carries to the present day. 1905 was an important year because H.J Heinz Company was incorporated in PA with Heinz serving as the first president and remaining in the position for the rest of his life. H.J Heinz died at the age of 74 in 1919, and the company had more than 20 factories and 200 smaller facilities. Under his guidance, the company was noted for fair treatment of workers and pioneering safe and sanitary food preparation. It is also worth to mention that Henry Heinz led a successful lobbying effort in favor of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Moving forward in time, Howard Heinz assumed control over the company upon Henry’s death in 1919. Howard successfully led the company through the Great Depression by expanding its products and introducing canned soups and baby food in 1931. His successor, Jack Heinz, led the company through World War II. Under Jack’s guidance, the company continued global expansion into Australia and China as well as acquired Star Kist Foods, Ore-Ida and other brands in US. After WWII Jack took Heinz public and continued to expand during the 1950s and 1960s, opening plants in the Netherlands, Venezuela, Japan, Italy, and Portugal. Following his death, Burt Gookin, became a first non-family CEO who introduced the company to an era of nutrition and wellness by acquiring Weight Watchers International in 1978. A year later, a new CEO and president Anthony O’Reilly, continued on Heinz legacy of global growth expanding its presence in Africa and Asia. William Johnson became chairman in 2000. Heinz went under some major renovations to adjust to the rapidly changing food industry. Currently the company competes with leading brands in three major categories: ketchup and sauces; meals and snacks; infant foods. In 2010 Heinz acquired Chinese Food Star Company in order to increase its market share in emerging markets. Over the years Heinz Company grew to a 10 Billon dollars industry, who sells its products in over 200...
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