Cha teau Margaux Launching the Third Wine

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Château Margaux: Launching the Third Wine

Professor Giovanni Baldini

Team #2August 17th, 2015.

Table of Contents:

Business Strategy1
Target Market2
Value Chain3
Wine production3
Going Global5
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Le Troisième du Château Margaux
Business Strategy

The exclusivity and limited scope and accessibility of the Chateau Margaux brand it is very important to keep, due to the long and well reputation created through the years. The process of the creation of a new product will allow to better use the resources available. It is also intended to be seen as a more accessible product to the new generations that are consuming wines all over the world. In the creation of the new strategy, we decided to use of almost the same ingredients and environment that it is related to the second wine (Pavillon Rouge). It will help to keep the brand image, but taking care of the enforcement of the brand authenticity, focus on the luxurious aspects of their brand, having, for example, still a high price (125.13 USD) in order to not move to a cheap market. Keeping the responsibility of the distribution, in order to maintain the quality in every step of the value chain. Stability of their price-points and establishment of the third brand as a high-end wine without the concern of a devaluation of the quality. It will be important to keep the top sales on “Old Countries” as France and the UK ,but having in mind as well the introduction of the new wine to new markets as Japan, China and United States, where there will be a new marketing campaign focused  on our the new markets (youngsters), having well in a new-trendy labeling style to attract them easier. Marketing

The webpage Wines & Wines states, “When it comes to high-end wine, it takes more than a quality product and attractive packaging to grab the attention of upscale consumers.” Therefore, the market strategy should be ambitious and well directed. The concept that we will emphasize on is the brand authenticity because we think the perception that a product is crafted with integrity and excellence, using traditional and non-industrial methods will make the third wine more desirable for the consumers.

Target Market

Château Margaux wines are intended to be sold in the luxury market in countries such as France, United Kingdom, Japan, China and the United States.  The main consumers would be adults from 35-60 years old in France and UK and from 25 to 38 years old in China, Japan and the United States. The target market demography would be social grade A (upper middle class), which are adults in high managerial, administrative or professional positions in their companies. Wine is traditionally reserved for older people. Nevertheless we found out that between 2012 and 2015, the number of “millennials” that preferred beer over any other type of alcohol dropped from 33% to 27% and the wine consumer's number raised from 8% to 25% according to “The Daily Meal”. A research from the book “Wine Brands: Success Strategies for New Markets, New Consumers and New Trends” established that Millenials and GenXers are the favorites of marketers and the wine industry because they love to experiment new things, travel more extensively than elders and have a good disposable income, therefore we choose them to be our target market in the emerging markets and we decided a more traditional approach in the traditional markets. Product

As the case stated, we will sell the third wine of Château Margaux thanks to the outstanding quality of the 2009 vintage wine....
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