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LEARNING OUTCOME 2 Suppose your boss asked you to summarize the major people-related concerns related to opening an office in China. What issues would be on your list? First I would find out the cultural differences, break down the language barrier, Make sure that technological systems are compatible, and make sure to recruit the best employees. LEARNING OUTCOME 3 Name a company you hope to work for someday. What is its track record in terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainability? Are these factors important to you? Why or why not? Honestly I don’t want to work for a company I have done this already. I want to own my own company and be successful. I want my employees to know that moral and employee’s advancing is what I strive for. I want my employees to be able to use my company to help make their dreams and goals come true. I want them to know as long as they ae willing to learn the jobs there should almost always be higher position waiting to be filled from within the ranks.

LEARNING OUTCOME 1 identify the three key elements of the human resources planning model and discuss the relationships among them. Three key elements Forecasting, Evaluating supply, And Balance supply and demand. Forecasting is the process of predicting how many employees you will need to run your company and the roles that each employee will get. Forecasting also is seeing which of your current employees may be ready for internal promotions. Evaluating supply is made up of checking the demographics of the people not yet employed the external staff and by the internal staff which takes place during the forecasting. Balancing supply and demand is all about keeping your needs for employees equal to or lower to what is actually available to be hired. LEARNING OUTCOME 4 Which approach do you think should be relied on more heavily for strategy formulation—the quantitative or qualitative approach? I feel that the Qualitative Approach should be more relied on....
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