ch 9 Guided Reading

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Name ____________________________________________ Date ___________ Score_______ PB US History Chapter 9:1-3 Guided Reading
Ch 9:1/The Market Revolution---How did these inventions expand the national market economy? 1. Sewing Machine
(and improvements)
Led to
2. Telegraph

Allowed businesspeople
Sped up
Helped trains
3. Steamboat

Greatly reduced
Dramatically decreased
Made moving
4. Railroad

Dramatically decreased
5. Steel Plow

Made farming
Allowed shift
6. Mechanical Reaper

Allowed one
How did these innovations promote the new market economy?
7. Entrepreneurial activity
8. Canals

Dramatically decreased
9. National Road

10. Industrialization

Provided ________________; Produced
Created ____________________________; Produced _____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Ch 9:2/Manifest Destiny—Complete the chart on Western Expansion

New Mexico
1. Who went?

2. Why did they go?

3. How did they get there?

4. What did they find when they got there?

Ch 9:3/Expansion in Texas--Answer the following questions on a separate sheet. 1. Why did Mexico want Americans to settle in Texas?
2. Why did Americans want to settle in Texas?
3. What brought American settlers into conflict with the Mexican government? 4. What happened at the Alamo?
5. Why was the United States at first reluctant to annex Texas?
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