Ch 3 Discussion

Topics: United States Constitution, Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, Elections Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: August 6, 2015
The Constitution is made to be a flexible document that changes as the culture changes. But, making permanent changes to the Constitution, in the form of Amendments, has only happened 27 times.  What is it about the Amendment process that makes permanent changes to the Constitution so difficult?   

Is there any one issue that you feel should be added to the Constitution? Or, is there any issue you feel should be removed because it is no longer relevant? Explain your answer. You may want to look in your text to help you with this.

The Founding Fathers made the Constitution to be a flexible document that could change whenever needed. Changes to the Constitution are called Amendments, and there are 27 of those. The Amendment process makes the permanent changes very difficult. I think this is true because once you make a change, or add an amendment, to the Constitution, you can just make another one in the future to change it back. An example of this is the 18th Amendment and the 21st Amendment. The 18th Amendment started the prohibition period by banning alcohol to be consumed in the United States. The 21st Amendment was to repeal the 18th by allowing alcohol again.

There are still some issues and problems with the Constitution, but there are a couple that I think are the most important. Since the United States is having a big problem with spending money and budgeting, I think that there should be an Amendment where the government has a balanced budget and they can only spend the certain amount of money in that certain area. Also, I think that the 16th Amendment should be repealed, or at least changed, because it allows Congress to make an income tax without discussing it with any of the other branches or the states. This causes a problem because the states have less power and Congress have too much over the United States.

-Revanth Vedhapudi
The constitution is one of our nations greatest achievements, it outlines a complete government that...
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