Ch 28 Ap Notes

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (701 words) Published: April 14, 2013
AP European History Ch 28 World War II 1. What were Hitler's plans for Germany and then for Europe? How successful was he in implementing those plans? Pages: 902-910

2. Why did Italy invade Ethiopia? How did this incident further show the weakness of the League of Nations? How did France and Britain appease Italy while enforcing sanctions at the same time? Page:___________

3. Why is the Rhineland seen as a major blunder for Britain and France? Why did they not intervene? What defense did France now hide behind? Page:_______

4. Explain the reasons for the Spanish Civil War. How did the war impact the political situation of Europe? Who won the war? Page:__________

5. Explain how Germany was able to annex Austria. Page:________

6. Explain the steps Germany took to take Czechoslovakia without going to war. Why is Munich seen as such a failure in history? Page:_________

7. Why did Hitler and Stalin, two political enemies, sign a pact with each other? How did that spell out the end for Poland and set the stage for war? Page:__________

8. What tactic did Germany use to take Poland so quickly? Why was the war referred to as a “phony war” or Sitzkrieg? How did Western Europe fall so quickly (minus Britain)? How were the allies able to save some soldiers? Page:__________

9. How and why did Churchill change the long-standing British appeasement strategy? How did Hitler think he could take Britain? What was the end result? Page:_________

10. Why did Germany invade Russia? How did Italy hinder the invasion plans of Russia? What campaigns did Germany have to intervene in? Who was the famous German General of North Africa? Page:____________

11. Why did Germany not take Moscow in 1941? How was Stalin able to finally start to fight back? Page:_________

12. How did Hitler envision his Third Reich? How did his racist ideology play in his plans? Give 3 examples). Page:__________

13. Why did Japan attack America? How did this act change the tide...
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