Topics: Grover Cleveland, Sherman Silver Purchase Act, William Jennings Bryan Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: January 29, 2015
Chapter 20: Politics and Expansion in an Industrializing Age, 1877-1900

Contested Political Visions:
Ignored the consequences of industrialization, and focused on economic growth: tariffs, money supply, and civil-service reform (officials get jobs for merit, not their political connections) Repubs said tariffs protected families; Dems said they threatened families and would cause economic disaster Both believed in laissez-faire—government should promote economic growth but can’t regulate industries/worker welfare

Patterns of Party Strength:

State and local governments ran campaigns: chose candidates, raised money, gave out jobs

Regulating the Money Supply:
All money was gold or silver, or was backed in it; Bankers/politicians favored hard money, debtors and poor liked soft money Silver advocates passed the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, which made treasury buy 4.5 mil oz. of silver per month and issue treasury notes that were equal to the cost of the silver/gold. It increased the supply only slightly

Civil-Service Reform:
The Spoils System (party supporters get jobs) allowed unqualified people to get government official spots Rutherford Hayes supported civil service reform, and fired officials (Chester A. Arthur) in NYC corrupt government Garfield/Arthur for Repubs, James Weaver for Dems. After Garfield was killed, Arthur took over George Pendleton/Civil Service Reform League- Pendleton Civil Service Act, created exams & standards of merit for jobs

A Democrat in the White House- Grover Cleveland:
Election was James Blaine for Repubs (offered favors to railroad for stock) vs. Cleveland for Dems (Illegitimate child... oops!) Republican reformers like Godkin & Schurz supported Cleveland, were labeled “Mugwumps” (a traitor/deserter Indian chief) Cleveland was a firm believer in laissez-faire but did not like tariffs. Lowering them would reduce prices, slow trust creation He vetoed a bill that would give out more military...
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