Ch. 2 Quiz

Topics: Ishikawa diagram, Customer relationship management, Costs, Diagram, Strategic management, Cost / Pages: 6 (746 words) / Published: Oct 3rd, 2014
1. A ________ looks beyond day-to-day activities and focuses on a horizon that is three, five, ten, or more years in the future.
a. business case

b. SWOT analysis

c. strategic plan

d. critical success factor
2. The term ________ refers to the reasons, or justification, for a proposal.
a. business case

b. SWOT analysis

c. strategic planning

d. critical success factor

3. A(n) ________ is a hardware-based security control that can identify a person by a retina scan or by mapping a facial pattern.

b. biometric device

c. encryption

d. EPC

4. ________ inventory systems rely on computer-to-computer data exchange to minimize unnecessary inventory.
a. EPC


c. CRM

d. JIT

5. The IT director usually serves as a technical consultant to ensure that members of the ________ are aware of crucial issues, problems, and opportunities.
a. preliminary investigation

b. systems review committee

c. business case

d. discretionary project

6. ________ feasibility means that a proposed system will be used effectively after it has been developed.
a. Technical

b. Economic

c. Schedule

d. Operational

7. A system's ________ includes ongoing system support and maintenance costs, as well as acquisition costs.
a. intangible cost

b. tangible cost

c. total cost of ownership

d. constraint

8. A popular technique for investigating causes and effects is called a ________ .
a. SWOT analysis

b. fishbone diagram

c. Pareto chart

d. scatter diagram

9. The ________ is the primary method of obtaining information during the preliminary investigation.
a. survey

b. interview

c. documentation review

d. data analysis

10. The final task in the preliminary investigation is to prepare a report to management that includes an evaluation of the systems request, an estimate of costs and benefits, and a ________ , which is a summary of the

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