Ch 17 Sexualuity Now Embracing Diversity

Topics: Puberty, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 16, 2013
In chapter 8 of Sexuality Now Embracing Diversity, Janell L. Carroll discusses sexuality from birth to adolescence. Janell L. Carroll explores the physical and emotional sexuality of each age group and what factors can attribute to one’s sexual growth. Janell also discusses the importance of sexual education and troubles researchers whom study childhood and adolescence sexuality face. This chapter also explains the sexual behaviors and attitudes children experience and why. We start with exploring children from birth to age two. We learn that during this age, our sexual reproductive organs are already functional. Male erections are sometimes noticeable even before birth, during ultrasounds performed on the mother while pregnant. Carroll explains that “Female infants are capable of vaginial lubrication from birth” (as cited in Martinson, 1981). Carroll goes on to discuss how important early relationships are and attachments that develop between infants and caregivers during this age. According to Carroll, “Infants can develop many attachment styles, including secure, anxious/ ambivalent, or avoidant.” (Carroll, J. L. 2013 pg. 181). Lastly, we learn that it is normal for an infant to begin touching their genitalia when their coordination becomes developed enough to do so. During early childhood, ages two to five years old, Carroll explains that “Although this period of childhood is not particularly active in terms of sexual development, children may learn more in their first few years of childhood about the nature of their bodies than they learn the entire remainder of their lives.” (Carroll, J. L. 2013 pg. 182). At this age children start asking about the difference in male and female genitalia. They also start to understand the difference between boys and girls. Children tend to model their parents or peers during this stage in their development. Children begin to interact with other children exploring their sexuality. Kissing, hugging and fondling are common...

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Carroll, J. L. (2013.2010). Sexuality now: Embracing diversity. Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth.
Developmental Concept Paper
Chapter 8 Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality
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