Ch 11 Guided Reading

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Wrought iron, Steam engine Pages: 4 (535 words) Published: December 17, 2014
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Chapter 11: Industry Guided Reading

1. During the cottage industry, what was a “piece-rate”? When the putters-out then picked up the finished work and paid according to the number of pieces that were completed.

2. What 2 iron forging processes did Henry Cort patent? What did these 2 processes involve?
Puddling and rolling, puddling involved reheating pig iron until it was pasty and then stirring it with iron rods until carbon and other impurities burned off. Rolling involved passing pig iron between iron rollers to removed remaining dross.

3. What is an “iron horse”?
A steam locomotive, like the steam engine.

4. Who was Richard Arkwright and why was he important to the textile industry?

5. What was involved in the traditional method of bleaching fabric?

6. Today, who owns the largest textile factories?

7. Why did the increasing numbers of urban factory workers need canned foods in the 19th century?

8. What were some of the events for the political instability in Europe that delayed the spread of the Industrial Revolution?

9. Why did the U.S. textile industry grow rapidly after 1808?


1. What is the oldest industrial area in the United States? In what industry did it initially dabble?

2. What resource has attracted industries to the Mohawk Valley?

3. Why has Chicago become a transfer point among transportation systems?

4. What industry(s) has made the Gulf Coast become important?

5. What is the most important industrial region in Europe?

6. According to the map on page 378, which city is the northern most manufacturing center in the Rhine-Ruhr Valley region? Southern-most of the Mid-Rhine region? Eastern-most of the Northern Italy region?

7. What is Russia’s oldest industrial region?

8. Which industrial region contains Russia’s largest petroleum and...
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