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ASSIGNMENT 2: Preaching

1. Notes on problems that come to the force regarding communication in preaching which can lead to the loss of the message.

Before one can answer this question one must look at what preaching is. Preaching is an important function of the church. It was originally the language of the New Testament, which means the oral communication of the gospel by all Christians everywhere.

As with all communications there is always a possibility of miscommunication. In preaching there can be a breakdown in communication at any stage of the seven step. Communication gap only occurs if there is a contact between people and exposure to one another and to ideas.

Analysis shows that preaching in an oral transmission of a biblical message in a sermon is not always a process without any problem. People live in different ways, experience thongs in different ways and process things in different ways from each other. Cultural difference, languages differences and might changes things for people. Some of the problems that are present at preaching includes; selective understanding; selective orientation which has three subcategories 1, influence of primary groups, 2, respect for the preacher, 3, cognitive consonance. We will also look at selective perception, and selective retention.

Selective understanding;
It has been shown that people in fact listen at different levels. Without having contact at some level the message that is being conveyed is not heard. Most people only listen to and pay attention to things that the preacher says, these are usually the things the person feels they have a persona view of or have experiences.

Klapper started a theory that recipients of mass communication expose themselves to it selectively. Klapper called his theory “selective exposure”. This means that the recipients of the message decide for themselves what sermon they are going to listen to. The recipient will then filter what they hear or see, and...
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