Cet Worksheet 101 Safety

Topics: Material safety data sheet, Fire extinguisher, Electrostatic discharge Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 10, 2013
1. T or F: ESD is very dangerous to computer technicians. t

2. What does the acronym ESD stand for? Electro Static Discharge

3. In what conditions is ESD most likely to occur? Warm Wet

4. How can a PC technician protect against damage from ESD? Unplug power

5. How can a PC technician protect a PC against damage from EMI? Electro magnetic impulse

6. What is RFI and what causes it? Radio frequency interference occurs when the radio waves cannot stay in a straight line.

7. How might you prevent EMI from affecting network cables? Not running more than one electronic with magnets side by side

8. T or F: A technician should always wear an ESD wrist strap when working on monitors. t

9. A ______battert____ __________ holds a charge even when the power has been turned off__________ .

10. What is the difference between a surge suppressor and a power strip? Surge suppressor protects from electric discharge a power strip will fry

11. What is another name for a low voltage condition? Electrical power

12. What is another name for a high voltage condition? 20,000 – 50,000 volts

13. A UPS provides short_ amount of power_________ ___________ __________ in case of complete power failure.

14. Describe the four classes of fire extinguishers in the space below. List the type of fire in each class and describe substances that are found in that type. a- used to put out common fires such as paper

B – is used to put out flammable liquids such as gasoline C – is used to put out any electrical fire
D –combustible medals

15. A Class ____C___ fire extinguisher should be used to put out an electrical fire.

16. Locate your classroom fire extinguisher. Without damaging or removing the fire extinguisher in any way, document the type of fire extinguisher and when the fire extinguisher was last tested/inspected. C

17. What is an MSDS? Are there any MSDS...
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